Short Film

Directed by Joe Kawasaki / Filmed by Curt Apduhan

In my 16 year career, not often have I seen myself on screen and been completely out of my own head. Either I didn’t like a moment or the way I was shot & lit but after seeing Reboot on the big screen, I truly felt like a movie star for the 1st time. As the lights went up, I immediately went to Curt and informed him how grateful I was because he made me see another side of my work. He made me see another side of me that I had yet seen on screen. Curt is a genuine artist and a master at his craft. Curt not only knows how to tell a story through the lens but has a way of working with actors and making them feel they are at the top of their game. I cannot wait to work with Curt again and I know that any actor, producer, network or studio that collaborates with Mr. Apduhan best be ready to win awards.
— TRAVIS AARON WADE / actor "The Last Full Measure", "Supernatural", "Criminal Minds", "REBOOT"
I had the pleasure of first working with Curt while I was performing in the cyberbunk thriller REBOOT, a film which hit number 1 on imdb’s short format movie meter and was the most downloaded torrent the week of its release. Curt’s attention to detail and his ability to convey his shots to the actors to visually enhance our performances were both a comfort and a blessing. This was displayed when I saw the stunning work he had done in the final digital print. On top of that Curt’s calm and personable demeanor was such a wonderful energy to have on set and a quality that rubbed off on the other cast and crew members. Curt is someone I’m am eager to work with again but also someone I now consider a valued friend.
— MARTIN COPPING / actor "The Last Full Measure", "Zombie Hunter", REBOOT
Independent in every sense of the word, this is a film with a visual sheen to put many studio productions to shame, Curt Apduhan’s sumptuous cinematography delivers an aesthetic as jointly efficient and alluring as the story it helps to tell.
— RONAN DOYLE / Next Projection
I rarely comment on the look of a movie, but the cinematography by Curt Apduhan is amazing.
— THE VERN / The Vern's Video Vanguard