Feature Documentary on OWN

Directed by Matthew Kallis / Filmed by Curt Apduhan

Produced by Christopher Lockhart

Curt Apduhan is not just a brilliant and creative DP. He also has the extremely rare and exceptional talent of being a great collaborator. I know when Curt is on my team I can count on him to honor and execute my vision, always focusing on what is best for the project as he contributes his extraordinary expertise, craft and artistry to the filmmaking process
— MATTHEW D. KALLIS / director "Most Valuable Players"
Curt brings years of talent, expertise and grace to the set. He came recommended to me and threw himself into the work and the world, as if he had conceived the project himself. His uncanny ability to light what he shoots added great dimension to the film, as did his capacity to tell a story. Curt is more than just a brilliant Emmy winning cinematographer, he is an adviser and friend whose passion reflects in the finished project. Curt is not a journeyman but an artist who is always a comfort to have on set.
— CHRISTOPHER LOCKHART / producer "Most Valuable Players", "The Collector"
A feel-good documentary, headed for OWN, makes a pitch for the arts – and viewers’ hearts.
— EMMY MAGAZINE / The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences